3-D interactive digital reconstruction of Baltimore in 1814-15

With highways and high rises crisscrossing today’s Baltimore, it’s hard to imagine what the young city looked in 1814-15, when Rembrandt Peale opened the area’s first museum. But scholars and artists have recently been working to recreate early 19th century Baltimore, a city that Peale would have known well.

This eye-popping 3D interactive digital reconstruction of Baltimore circa 1815 took UMBC’s Imaging Research Center (IRC) more than 4 years to develop. In September of 2014, the first and major phase of this effort, called BEARINGS of Baltimore, Circa 1815, opened to the public at the Maryland Historical Society as part of their bicentennial celebration of Baltimore’s pivotal role in the War of 1812. In 2016, the IRC did a major upgrade of the image to increase its accuracy, amount of information, and level of detail. Explore the Peale’s neighborhood and the rest of the city as it looked after the British attacks in 1814.


Author: The Peale

The Peale is based in the first museum ever purpose-built in the United States, commissioned by founder Rembrandt Peale and designed by architect Robert Cary Long Sr. in 1814. Today it is a center to celebrate the unique history of Baltimore, its people and their buildings. Currently under renovation, the Peale will also be a platform for Baltimore’s communities to collect and preserve their cultural stories, an incubator for local creative industries, and a laboratory for innovation in the cultural sector worldwide.

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