Social Science Encounters from the Omnimuseum Project

A graphic showing two people facing each and a line connecting their brains. The text on the graphic reads SOCIAL SCIENCE ENCOUNTERS








Social Science Encounters is an endeavor being planned by the Omnimuseum Project beginning in 2017. The goal of Social Science Encounters is to engage people in everyday public settings in ways that deepen their sense of empathy and recognition of a common ground with others around them.

Social Science Encounters will begin with a charrette bringing together practitioners from the elds of social science, education, art and design, to envision strategies and tactics for addressing (and ideally softening) the barriers built between people through politi- cal rhetoric, and cultural misconceptions.

Charrette Format: Charrette participants will work in teams to develop concepts addressing questions like: How can people be prompted in public spaces to re ect critically on their own assump- tions and prejudices? How can people be engaged in thinking more deeply about their social relationships with others around them? How might the divisions we believe stand between us become more permeable – reminding us we all have more in common than we have di erences?

Concepts generated during the charrette will be made publicly available and considered for real world prototyping in 2018.

Date and Time: Saturday, July 8th, 2017 – 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM Location: The Peale Center, 225 Holliday St, Baltimore, MD

How to Participate: If you are interested in participating in the charrette for Social Science Encounters please contact us at