Promenade: Baltimore

Promenade: Baltimore is a theatrical site-specific performance co-created by Single Carrot Theatre (Baltimore) and STEREO Akt (Hungary). It premiered on June 2, 2017. A non-traditional theatrical experience, Promenade: Baltimore begins with the audience boarding a bus, putting on headphones and traveling through the city listening to live mixed audio of soundscapes, music and stories while actors outside in public spaces present poetic expressions of everyday life. As the scenes outside weave together, mystery seeps into what seemed simple, the foreign becomes familiar, and every corner of the city teems with potential for the unexpected.

Hear a sample of Baltimore stories from Promenade:

Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods: neighborhoods with proud residents, historic legacies, shining institutions, unheralded gems, complicated origins, and, above all, rich and deeply human stories. The neighborhoods that many call home, others have never seen or set foot in. Promenade: Baltimore blurs, highlights, and questions the boundaries and borders that exist in Baltimore, both visible and invisible, through the physical crossing of neighborhood lines and the telling of personal, human stories. Single Carrot Theatre interviewed nearly 40 Baltimore residents in the neighborhoods of Remington, Mondawmin, Reservoir Hill, Druid Heights, Sandtown, Bolton Hill, Station North, Old Goucher, Charles Village, Guilford, and Waverly, whose voices were heard in the production. On Be Here Stories, you will hear segments of these interviews.