Roof Renovation Update

The cupola over the Peale’s picture gallery.

Baltimore City’s Department of General Services is in the final stages of replacing the Peale’s roof and restoring the exterior masonry. Renovation has now begun on the cupola that gives natural light to the “picture gallery.” It was the addition of this gallery to the Federal-style row house that made Rembrandt Peale’s 1814 museum an architectural innovation by Robert Cary Long, Sr.

The replacement of the Peale’s roof and restoration of its exterior is being undertaken by Baltimore City’s Department of General Services.

Completion of the renovation work is planned by end of Summer 2017. The Peale is open for special events and available for rental throughout the renovation of the building’s exteriors. Contact us if you have questions or would like to visit!

Author: The Peale

The Peale is based in the first museum ever purpose-built in the United States, commissioned by founder Rembrandt Peale and designed by architect Robert Cary Long Sr. in 1814. Today it is a center to celebrate the unique history of Baltimore, its people and their buildings. Currently under renovation, the Peale will also be a platform for Baltimore’s communities to collect and preserve their cultural stories, an incubator for local creative industries, and a laboratory for innovation in the cultural sector worldwide.

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