Do you have stories about Baltimore’s Confederate statues?

Mayor Catherine Pugh made the historic decision to have four Confederate statues removed from Baltimore’s public spaces last night. Many, such as Baltimore Heritage, have convened tours and discussions about the statues, and Noise Plaque contributed their response to the Parting of Lee and Jackson statue in Wyman Park to the #BhereBmore project last year. We’d like to hear your stories: how have you experienced the statues and their removal? Please tag your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #BhereBmore.

What do you think people today and future generations need to know about this moment in Baltimore’s history and culture?

Here is a handy timeline of Confederate monuments and memory in Baltimore compiled by Eli Pousson.

If you tag your posts, recordings and photos #BhereBmore, we’ll make a Storify of what you share. Here are some of the tools and platforms we use regularly:

Please note that hate speech and racist comments will not be collected.

Please tag your thoughts on social media with the hashtag #BhereBmore.

Author: The Peale

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