Be Here: EDU

A .33 cent stamp, featuring an American flag, two white children, and an African American child. The text reads Desegregating Public SchoolsWith community partners, the Peale is developing a series of exhibitions and storytelling programs to connect the Peale’s history as Colored School Number One (1878-1887) with contemporary experiences of Baltimore schools. The design process kicked off September 9, 2017 with a full-day charrette run at the Peale by the Omnimuseum Project as part of the Be Here: EDU storytelling series. We are collaborating with students, parents, educators, storytellers, designers, artists, and historians to help us develop a deeper understanding and contemporary expression of Baltimore’s schools within a historical context. Sign up for our mailing list to hear about upcoming events and collaborations, or contact us to get involved.

Be Here: EDU was first convened in 2016 as part of the Be Here: Baltimore program, started by the MuseWeb Foundation. Local university professors began using mobile storytelling to help their students engage, explore and better understand the communities they live in, and came together to share their experiences and expertise. Dozens of tours of Baltimore on themes ranging from public art to food deserts and slow violence have been published by students at Towson, Morgan State, Loyola, and Johns Hopkins Universities to date. In the process, students have gained training in 21st century skills and experiences that can translate into internships and job opportunities in the research, culture, and technology sectors.

The Be Here: EDU initiative at the Peale extends the program to secondary school students in Baltimore and aims to collaborate with them to develop exhibitions and storytelling programs in local schools as well as at the Peale, based on their authentic stories and experiences.

Baltimore School Stories Charrette 9 September 2017